I am a resident at Farmerville Nursing and Rehab Center. I am 48 years old and due to a fall, I was left in a wheelchair. I was welcomed into the family here at Farmerville N&R and they have pulled me up from an unhappy person into one looking forward to a positive outcome. This place has been a lifesaver in ways nobody would understand. The facility has lifted my spirits. The staff are amazing and have helped me in many ways. They are supportive and attentive.

I encourage anyone with a family member in need of medical services to check out Farmerville N&R and you will save yourself alot of worries.

Waynette Miller,
Farmerville Nursing and Rehab resident

I am pleased with Farmerville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The staff here has been very good to me. This is the closest place to home for me.

Patty McVicker
Farmerville Nursing and Rehab resident